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She A Tattatooed Ratchet BT 1100 But Tommy Sotomayor Couldnt Resist Her PhattyCakes
Video not yet rescued:
ATW- The Most Naturally Built Woman On The Web Vs The Most Attractive Man On The Web U Choose

Homo&Sissy (Domo & Crissy) Break Up, Ah Didnt Tommy Call This Months Ago? ATW w/ Tommy Sotomayor!

Hilarious Reaction To Tommy Sotomayor Finding Out Dave Rubin Is Gay!

Ladies In Kenya Dive In Landfills To Get Weave In Their Desperation To Look White!

ATW Tommy Sotomayor Trolls The Trolls By Posting Their IP Addresses LIVE ON AIR!

Look At How Much Better Mixed Chicks Are With White Mothers!

Wow Shehe HasHIV And Still Online Says How Shes Poppin and Yall Just h8ing!

#ATW Tommy Ethers Hassan The #BronxRiverBootyBandit For Still Trying To Entice Him!

#RBT United Hair Hats of Chicago Dancing At The #gravesite Of #KennekaJenkins! Our Queens Are DONE!

Are WMN Of Other Races Dating Chocolate Men Causing #BlckWmn To Suffer Even More Rejection?

Tyrone Doing His Bubba Gump Impression Showcasing His 3rd Grade Education!!

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