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Why are so many companies getting woke in #CurrentYear ?

Trump administration finally fixing college Title IX enforcement
Video not yet rescued:
Soulcalibur VI: To buy, or not to buy?

Paternity Fraud: Now Available in IVF!

#ComicsGate is recreating the comic industry while SJWs REEEEEEE

Parents desperate for help fixing their own mess

What's the future of animation and toys in the west?

Women's worst nightmare comes to North America!

Bridezilla's antics cost her both friends and family

Another #MeToo icon falls to her own book of rules

The problem with (and reasons behind) overcriminalization

My Bitchute channel, and the future of the free internet

Some highly spicy news from Crunchyroll...

Feminists didn't create Title IX to be used against them! (LOL)

Battlefield 5 gets woke, goes broke, and game journos are proven irrelevant AGAIN

Anime: My favorites of the Summer 2018 season

Party and drink along as we go through Grand Blue!

Bethesda doubling down on stupid, now using Bill Clinton defense

The Mike Pence Rule just keeps on spreading!

Why I hate to travel (and why airlines are failing)

Burger King debunks the pink tax in their own propaganda!

How "get woke, go broke" is a way of fighting back

High-flying women refusing to "marry down"

Half-asleep hangout

Why Japanese creators shouldn't listen to western "advice"

Now that feminists get censored, it's suddenly a free speech issue

Introducing the Straight White Male Replacement Project!

East vs West: Who does LGBT better?

USC pays falsely accused student over $100k

Why I'm not worried about the coming #AnimeGate
Video not yet rescued:
Fatal Bullet grinding hangout
Video not yet rescued:
Pussy Pass VS Male Privilege: Who will win!
Video not yet rescued:
UK aims to widen the prison sentencing gap
Video not yet rescued:
The shambling corpse of Gawker about to die AGAIN!
Video not yet rescued:
2 ways to protect your community from being co-opted

Feminist hypocrisy on full display once again

When "untapped markets" are worth appealing to

Trying out Spiral Knights

How to defeat virtue signaling busybodies

SPLC finally getting sued over their lies

Combating censorship with better creation tools

Surprise Patreon hangout stream

The likely future of American comics

Germany considering state-sponsored feminist porn..... no, really...

Curation: Coming soon to a subscription feed near you!

Failing at building and combat in Crossout!

Racist white professor gets his wish granted!

Women need shorter work weeks cause of "burnout"

Valve/Steam goes free market, moral authoritarians triggered

Raising the next generation of soyboys

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