Internet Censorship and Electronic Harassment (with Bill)
It's the lack of true transparency in the manosphere that really upsets me.
The Lies and Phoniness of Tom Leykis
Conversation with Bill
Random Rant for (Sun.) Dec. 23, 2018
MGTOW, TFL, Incel, MRA, and the Coming Red Flag Laws (Part 2)
MGTOW, TFL, Incel, MRA, and the Coming Red Flag Laws (Part 1)
MGTOW, TFL, and Plausible Deniability (with Bill Greathouse)
MGTOW men are TFLers in denial. It's sad but nevertheless true.
Looking for Some Fresh Blood for Interviewees
Update: (Thu.) Nov. 29, 2018
Random Rant: (Mon.) Nov. 26, 2018
Interview with Bill Greathouse: (Sun.) Nov. 25, 2018
A Steve Hoca troll is trying to steal your money!
Patreoan and Other Things: (Sun.) Nov. 25, 2018
My Patreon account is now up.
Random Rant: (Sat.) Nov. 24, 2018
Staying Sane Amid the Insanity finally had a MGTOW nervous breakdown.
Opening Up the Chat for People Who Want to Voice (Thu.) Nov. 22, 2018
Random Rant: (Thu.) Nov. 22, 2018
Later Tonight: Live Stream with Chat: (Wed.) Nov. 21, 2018
Regarding YouTube Superchat and Other Stuff
For Those Who Have Donated
Great Podcast with Bill Greathouse Last Night
My Interview with Bill Greathouse -- (Sat. Nov. 17, 2018)
Live Stream with Bill Greathouse Tonight at 10:00 p.m. EST
The Future of Where I'll be Taking My TFL Channel
Not Blaming Kickspassion and My Interview with Cyrus (smoothvirus)
All Steve Hoca accounts are trolls
The Ramifications of the 106 Male Births to 100 Female Births and Other Related Problems
Staying Sane is really insane and doesn't even know it.
Mike the MGTOW Monk Shout-Out
Random Rant: Nov. 9, 2018
Random Rant: Nov. 8, 2018
Random Rant: Nov 7, 2018
Random Rant: Nov. 6, 2018
Not Trolling Alex Dashboard a.k.a. Hell by the Dashboard Light
Random Rant: Nov. 3, 2018
The PayPal link is up.
Regarding Doom Guy and His Questions for Me
Follow-up to Doom Guy
Debunking Alex Dashboard's Theory That Society at Large is Pro-Homosexual
My Continuous Gripe with Roosh V
Will Alex come on here and talk to me?
Random Rant: Sept. 30, 2018 -- recommendations can be deceiving
I saw a guy today wearing a child pajama bottom.
Live Stream: March 17, 2018
Regarding this morning's chat: March 16, 2018
Live Stream: March 16, 2018
I completely closed my POF account.
Some Ideas for the Future of this Channel