None Saith Restore. (Reparations)
Booker 2020! Haaaaaaaaaaaaa
Dietz #2500 @Amazon
Oil Lamps for Power Outages
They are ALL EVIL.#Notinmyname!
2019 The Black Woman L Edition!
Sir Swag a Lot!
Black men with SWAG get all the Coochie!
Congrats Cyn! Black Love
Black men and women having nothing in common
James Ingram RIP
Still support Kamala?
No agenda for the common man
Simps drive up views.
Simps drive up suscriber counts
Operation Destroy the Democratic Party!
May September Romance is all good!
Black women and Bernie Sanders
Tulsi Gabbard is a nonstarter
Never Ever a Female President!
Blacks afraid to be Black First!
Games women play 2
Games women play
A pic speaks a thousand words(Abortion law)
NY Give a reason to join your church!
Corporate "Selected Presidents".
Willie Brown gets ahead of the controversy!
Fat mammies love taking L's
Men watering down your platforms!
Ann Coulter calls Trump a wimp! Haaaaa
The Art of The Deal: HE CAVED!
Shame on ya (Chris Brown)
2 Party joke system!
Stop drinking the Koolaid. (Black People)
Black Trump supporters are insane!
Guns are good. Abortion is wrong!
This is what Democrats believe!
If you believe in abortion unfriend me
How much more Gun Control BARBARA?
Regina King crushes on Sam Elliot
Liquor as a prep?
Sometimes discipline is ABUSE
The suspect in the case
Sicko arrested for raping woman in Coma
They stoop to low levels (Democrats)
Trump is a wonderful protest vote
Corporate censorship
Youtube not properly enforcing guidelines
Kamala Harris. Dont vote for her!
Late. Get Out Movie Review
5 Shot 3 Killed Go Second Amendment!
Nice short and sweet!