BABA Rahson Live
The Effects Of The Government Shutdown
My message to the fake Rasta Pharaoh's said
America's electrical grid is under attack are you prepared
The Rise And Fall Of America
McDonald's and Pizza Hut dinner for the Crimson football players at the White House
Let them horns blow spiritual vibrations
Government workers suing Trump for no pay
The origin of welfare and why it was created
Matthew Gibson should be locked up for this evil crime
We Are Our Own Worst Enemy Family
The Elder take On Gloria Allred press conference on R Kelly
Was Damn Dash right about calling out Jay-Z
Money Media And Military
Don't get mad at me get mad at the government and Donald Trump
The real Holy Trinity Osiris Iris Horus
Some people just can't accept the truth
My take own Aretha Franklin and Michael Jackson
The domino effect of the government shutdown
Mega Churches Making Billions
I'll hold these parents responsible for the R Kelly situation
Get mad at Sean King and the Houston Police Department not me
This man Ed buck should be locked up in jail
The Narrative They Are Trying To Push
Callout all of these pedophiles and rapists not just R Kelly
Breaking news R&B Superstar R Kelly under investigation
Trump calling for a national Emergency meeting
Welfare Queens about to get their wake up call
Something is not right about The Jasmine Barnes Case
Cyntoia Brown granted clemency buy outgoing Tennessee governor
My People Suffer Because Of The Lack Of Knowledge
Hypocrisy And Lies
The Baba take on the R Kelly Fiasco
It's Getting Serious Family
Another neanderthal attack at McDonald's on a black woman
The Trump Administration doesn't care about their workers
My thoughts on Tiffany haddish lackluster performance
My thoughts on why they took the Book of Enoch out of the Bible
Government workers suing the government for the shutdown
The BABA thoughts on the so-called New Year's 2019
Soulless neanderthal kills 7 year old sister
They're Targeting Our Children The Hate Is Real
Tommy Sotomayor said all black people should be exterminated
Melanated Bodies European Minds
Donald Trump and the dysfunctional Republican Party
This is the reason I do not believe in these false prophets
Bobby Hemmitt Legacy Will Never Be Destroyed Young Pharaoh
Brothers and sisters from Africa stop hating on the African Americans
2018 In Review
Young pharaoh debunk Bobby Hemmitt teachings
Kevin Spacey and Bill Cosby allegations
I love that video we love you black man
You are of your father seeds scientific facts