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1on1 with Tommy Sotomayor
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1on1 With The Mad Black Atheist About The Beef Between He & Tommy Sotomayor!

1on1 Kate Philly Chick Having Fun With Tommy Sotomayor & New Cohost

1on1 With Kate Philly Chick Comes On To Address Tommy Sotomayor Using Her FB Video!

1on1 w/The Lacour's, A Couples Fight For Custody Of Fathers Child From His Unstable & Vindictive EX!

1on1 w/ LeiLani Hartley On Fitness, Nutrition, Health/Race & Stigmas Of Being A Fit/Muscular Woman!

Pt 2 1on1 Linda Yarrington Having A Bad Mom, Obesity, Stryping, Doing P0rn, Low Self Esteem, Jail

1on1 Young Black Woman, Quantia Gibson, Wants To Explain How Tommy Sotomayors Videos Saved Her Life!

1on1 Linda Yarrington On How Having A Bad Mom Lead To Her Obesity, Low Self Esteem, P0rn & Jail!

1on1 w/ Jesse Lee Peterson On Race, Luenell Debate & Why He Thinks Tommy Sotomayor Is A Beta Male!

pt 2 Tommy Sotomayor v Jesse Lee Peterson On Race, Luenell Debate & The Lack Of Masculinity In Men!
Video not yet rescued:
Tommy Sotomayor 1on1 w Keisha P On Black Girls/Teens Being Overlooked %26 Under Protected!

Tommy Sotomayor vs Comedian Luenell on Politics, Feminism, and Race!

1On1 w/ Gavin Mcinnes On The Failure Of Integration, Black On White Violence & Liberal Desperation!

1on1 w/ YouTuber Willie Williams On How Men Today Act Less Manly & Are Willingly Being Emasculated!

1on1 w/ Second2None Speaking On What He Sees That Is Wrong With The World, Do U Agree?

Tommy Sotomayor, 1on1 w/ Rapper 'Goddess', Ratchet Chic Taking Phone Calls 213 943 3362

1on1 w/ Female Rapper Goddess, Ratchet Chick, Talking Money Race Relationships Friendships More

1on1 Current State Of Blacks & How Tommy Sotomayor Has Messed Up His Message Over The Years!

Tommy Sotomayor Goes 1on1 With TransWoman Royalty Over His Views On His Plight!

So What Happened To All Of Tommy Sotomayors Videos & Where Can You Find Them

Pt 4 1on1 With Judge Joe Brown On The State Of Blacks America Today & More!

Jo Lee Shine #SlicedUp Her Mans Clothes Live On Facebook Comes On To Explain!

Pt 3 1on1 w/Antoinette H8ing Her Parents For Allowing Her To Be Violated Several Times Growing UP!
Video not yet rescued:
1on1 Antoinette Pt 2 w/Women Not Liking Each Other, Dating Older Men & Family Secrets!

1on1 w/Young Systa Discussed How She Feels About Tommy Sotomayor Videos Made Her Feel! Pt 1

Pt 3 1on1 With Judge Joe Brown On The State Of Blacks America Today & More!

Pt2 #RBT Mauryssaj On IG Continues To Challenge Tommys Opinions On Nubian Systas!

Beautiful Model IG Phenixsoul On ABS, Nubian Makeup, Hair As Well As Struggles In Entertainment!

Father Accused Of Of Daughter Crying In Viral Video Gives His Side!

Comedian Eva Evans On The Struggles Of Black Female Comedians, Net Flix Boycott & More!

Stylist Jazzie Jae Speaking On The Insane Obsession Nubians Have For Weave Over Their Natural Hair!

#RBT Mauryssaj On IG Says Tommy Sotomayor Puts Too Much Blame On #BlkWmen For BLK Issues!

1on1 With Judge Joe Brown On The State Of Blacks America Today & More! pt 2

Joe Brown Interview Removed! YouTube Continues To Allow Tommy Sotomayor To Be Stalked & Harassed!

1on1 With Judge Joe Brown On The State Of Blacks America Today & More! Pt 1

YouTube Tommy Sotomayor H8ers Unite To All Challenge His Views Face2Face In An Epic Show!

Tommy Sotomayor Goes 1on1 With White Youtuber Who Says He Wants To Take Up For kneegrows

Sotomayor Obsessed YouTubers Son Joins Tommy Sotomayor For EPIC 1on1

Hero Sheriffs Deputy Rick Johnson Who Saved Lives During Hurricane Harvey Joins Tommy Sotomayor

Back With Phone Calls To Tommy Sotomayor About Jared Taylor 213-943-3362

Audience Q & A With #WhiteNationalist Jared Taylor LIVE 213-943-3362

The Debate Show! Only Call If U Have A Different Opinion Or Question! 213-943-3362

Isaiah Washington Speaks On His New Movie "Behind The Movement", Race Relations & More!

White Nationalist Jared Taylor On RaceRelations, Segregation, BlackIQ & More

1on1 w/ Princeton Tymus False Allegations By His EX Is Putting His Child Custody In Jeopardy!

Maj Toure Explains Why He Believes Tariq Is Going After Him & His Past Online!

1on1 w/ Kimberly MsBoss! How Her Deep Voice Has Made Her Fear For Her Life!

Jesse Lee Peterson Speaks With Tommy Sotomayor Part 2

Fired For Photos On IG From Her Railroad Company! Stephanie Speaks Out!

Sista Ask: Why Is Getting Help For Mental Issues Looked Down Upon In The Black Community?

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