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Video not yet rescued:
At The Back Of The Plane..is This what Rosa Parks Dyed 4?
Video not yet rescued:
Kevin Hart & Tiffany Haddish Clap Back At Katt Williams for The False Things He Said About Them!
Video not yet rescued:
#CVC Cop Vs Civilian 8 Months Pregnant Woman Manhandled By Police! Who Do You Blame?
Video not yet rescued:
Nick Cannon Steals Quote From Tommy Sotomayor & Gossips About Kim Kardashian Upsetting Kanye West
Video not yet rescued:
Flying The Drone Over My Home

Twin Sisters Decide To Become Twin Brothers Living That Trans Life! Are You OK With This?

Tommy sotomayor makes grilled sword fish and tuna

Black Queen Tells Steve Harvey She Wants 2 Quit Her Job 2 Start Twirkking At 32! See His Respone

Mary & Ivan Explain How Cancer Has Affected Their Family Physically, Financially & Emotionally!

Malcolm X Says Take Your D And Go Home! How The Democrats Have #Brainwashed The American Kneegrow!

Wanda Smith & Frank Ski Address Katt Williams Interview & Her Husband Pulling A Gun On Him w/ Tommy

So, Tommy Sotomayor Was Kicked Out Of This Facebook Group Over And Over Again! But Why?

Omarosa Ambushed On SiriusXM Show While Pimping Her Book On Donald Trump! Was The Interviewer Wrong?

Hilarious Parody Of Return Of The Mack By Tommy Sotomayor "You Lied To Me"

Tommy sotomayors My New BabyArrives! What Are Your Thoughts?

#HCBW 800lb Black Queen Says Her Gay Best Friend Is Her Baby Daddy! He Says No! Lets Find Out!

Slow Snow Walmart Greater Over Checks Black Mans Bag While Asgardians Go Free! Was This Wrong?

LeEbony M Vs Tommy Sotomayor In Epic Roast Over Wakandan Queens!

ATW Ep #24 Katt Williams Goes In On Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Wanda Smith & Tommy Breaks It Down!

Jessica, YouTuber Tommy Sotomayor Calls Ratchet Addresses Him Live To Get Him Told!!

ATW 22 Facebook live gets to address tommy sotomayor

Pt 2 Audience Calls On The Serena Williams Outburst At The US Open 2018 213-943-3362

Was Serena Williams Wrong In Her Outburst Or Was The Umpire Racist & Sexist ? 213-943-3362

I Puts Em To Work... Serena Show Nexr

Playing Pool With The Baby

Cat Lovers Video... Too Cute Kitty!

Manager & Customer Get Into An All Out Brwall At DC Chick-fil-A As Seen In This Viral Video!

Cranberries Singer Dolores O'riordan D3&th Ruled Accidental Drowning After Drinking Too Much!

4 Machines Arrested For Machine On Machine Crimes On Waitress At Applebees!

22 Year Old Mom Of 4 Charged With The Wig Splitting Of Her Infant Daughter!

Pregnant Black FLA Mom Charged With Terminating & Cover Up Her Own Infant Son!

Drunk Asgardian Quean Arrested After Toddler, 2, Bakes In Car While She Was Passed Out!

WT 1000 Bends Sons Arms Back, Puts Head In Toilet, Uploads 2, Wants Sympathy For Public Outrage!

Classic Viral Video: Tommy Sotomayor on Women's Standards As Well As Double Standards!

Link To Tommy Sotomayors New Live Broadcast Channel! LINK BELOW
Video not yet rescued:
The Penalty Box w/Tommy Sotomayor! Ep#1 2 Min To Ask OR Say Anything LIVE! (213) 943-3362
Video not yet rescued:
Was Joan Rivers Murdered For Revealing That Michelle Obama Was A Tranny
Video not yet rescued:
Video not yet rescued:
Video not yet rescued:
Mom Humiliates Her Daughter For Being 13 With A FB Profile In Her Bra & Panties!
Video not yet rescued:
Copy of White Trash Chick In NY Goes On A Racist Rant As Her Kids Watch & Join In!
Video not yet rescued:
The Sotofund
Video not yet rescued:
Video not yet rescued:
Did You See What I Saw?
Video not yet rescued:
Ms Kay Bitching About TOmmy
Video not yet rescued:
2017 01 17 22 42 15
Video not yet rescued:
2017 08 27 02 27 49
Video not yet rescued:
Live At Her Parents House Smoking & Talking About How BW Are Ok Prostituting Themselves!
Video not yet rescued:
should people say nice things to black women to make them feel batter
Video not yet rescued:
HomoCop Arrested

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