Allie O'Donnelly
Gender lowered standards, wo----men at work
anyone not left is far right, feminist anger towards men
SHTF safe locations, Ideas for where to go
Communist Blassio (NYC the new Kremlin)
DNA test for men(dont be a cuck)
URBAN depndency for Rural food (SHTF) (mass stavation)
The Next US Cival war, (the Lefist next door)
Federal military help to organize civilian Volenteer Militia
dont elect women or let them vote
Can a women define a man, without being one
Fakes Trans reprsentive not trans (TERFS)
gentic women cant go their own way , male spaces
Scars of Divorce, getting over the EX
Black people (arm yourselfs for survival)
Washington state anti american gun law reaction (DO NOT COMPLY)
HR7115 Leftsist democrats strive to controll firearms
Frances unrest is Europes Future. (dark and desolate)
Bigfoot (Washington state) personal experience
Woldwide arms race (super weapons)
Womens last 100 yard dash ( Final relationship)
alien war government Conspiracy
Babies rabies, child dna testing laws (jody's baby)
Female accountaiblity under the law
politics and MG.......... tow ( women and Politics)
Nice guy syndrome , My reason for MG......TOW (me , myself and I)
Canadian sex doll brothel ( Feminist Irk)
Anti Gun I1639 (White guilt propaganda) Washignton State
migrant caravan, how to stop it(soldiers perspective)
white knight flying monkeys (zoo visits in the PUb)
Maculine women in movies, Boycott movies
preping on a budget ( SHTF)
anti gun liberals (Washington state initiative 1639)
American Expansionism
Shit hits the Fan in my town. my goals (Canadian prepper inspired)
Death of an american Judge Brett Kavanaugh
The beginning of the End (Last line for men)
LGBT SHTF ( sociolist Utopia) Fight the left
FB encounter with Theron keneith cal (real brother radio)
fake SJW PTSD traits( louie CK)
Back Immigartion to Germany (bring europeans HOme)
fatherless TV shows and the effects
Equality of house work between the genders
NYC modle tinder trap, (CHADS domain)
why women watch my conservative videos
NAWALT Unicorn Lesbine
SHTF and LGBTQ (there is no grey in war zones)
Women ownwd bussinesses= Partime workers
the truth, women in comabt operation US military (Feminst Failure)
NM muslum man trains young kids to be school shooters
Cutting the fat (deleting those from your life)
telling men your trans a response to sinatra's anti trans video
preaching equality