Thomas Lundy
THE LAW of Faith + Works of FAITH (Romans 3:27; James 2:14-26)
Patterns of Wording... (part 5) The 3 Hearts of Believers In The Vine
Patterns of Wording... (part 4) Branches-- Fruitful, Fruitless, Withered, or Burned
Patterns of Wording... (part 3) The Vinedressar, The Vine, The Branches & Fruit
Patterns of Wording In Scripture, (part 2)-- Faith Along With It's Works
Patterns of Wording In Scripture, (part 1)-- Believers
Introduction: Patterns of Wording In Scripture Inspired By the Holy Spirit
Christians Who Are Rebelling Against the Holy Spirit
Godly Sorrow Leads to A Change of Mind and Going to Jesus Christ to Be Saved
MGTOW: A Self-Proclaimed "Pussy" March 2018
MGTOW: Women's March-- To Outlaw Offending Feelings Is Unviable
MGTOW: The Delusion, Hypocrisy, and Hate In the Women's March 2018
MGTOW: Stop Complaining; Do Something (Jordan Peterson, Monique, Deborrah Cooper)
MGTOW: Slanderous and Difficult Women (Monique)
Answering a Question About Finding a Christian Wife
MGTOW: Her "Empowerment" Is Only Her Sexuality
Christ Jesus Existed in the Form of God (RE: Global Impact Ministries; Steve Ritchie)
God Gives Wisdom & Understanding to Those Who Believe His Word
Do Not Harden Your Hearts as Demons Have, Although They Believe
What Does God Require of Us?
Why Do You Want To Get Married? (Ladies)
In Search For the Truth
MGTOW: Aziz's Cluelessness Ruined Their Night of Romantic Passion! (So he must suffer!)
The Destructiveness of False Doctrine and the Deceptive Power of Sin (A reflective discussion)
To Depart from the Faith is to Have Believed in Vain
SAVED (From Bondage to Sin) vs SAVED (Inheriting Salvation)
Our Sanctification Before We Meet the Lord Our God
RE: Renee Roland's 1 Corinthians 15:1-2 Explained
MGTOW: Beware of Covert, Hateful, Demonic Women (Re: Aziz Ansari)
MGTOW: Feminism /ASPD-- Rebellion Against Virtue
MGTOW: Women's Empowerment Is Not Masculinity
How Can you Be So Bold to DENY THAT GOD WAS GOD? (RE: Global Impact Ministries; UPC)
Willful Ignorance / Finessed with Lies (RE: Kevin Wesley & Dr. Ray Haggins)
Proof that Oneness Pentecostals Deny Jesus Christ (Re: Global Impact Ministries)
MGTOW: Don't Give Up
Making Jesus Out to Be a Liar (Response to Global Impact Ministries)
Response to Global Impact Ministries (Oneness Pentecostalism)
MGTOW: She is Their Sleight of Hand
MGTOW: Incited to Insanity
Why Do You Believe You Have the Truth? (To Jehovah's Witnesses)
Two Old Testament Facts: (To Hebrew Israelites & Muslims)
Christ Never Knew Those who Did Not Turn From Sin
MGTOW: Married, but Mgtow-- Discerning & Combating Manipulation
God's People-- "The Son's of Disobedience" (Colossians 3:5-10)
THE MIND: Those Who Practice Sin vs Those Who Do Not Practice Sin
MGTOW: Fake Independent Women Destroy Families
MGTOW: Women Also "Sexually Harass" Their Subordinates
Godly SORROW and REPENTANCE leads to SALVATION --2 Corinthians 2:7
Repentance is Necessary for Salvation, But Some say It is Not
'Christians' Whom Christ Never Knew