Thomas Lundy
ATHEISTS' Narrative Proves It MAKES MORE SENSE to Believe in God, than Not to
Jesus Christ DID NOT DIE SPIRITUALLY and suffer in the lake of fire
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Fred Price Jr, Stop Fearing your dad
Stepping IN and OUT of ETERNAL LIFE
"SAVED" by the Second Man, From What the First Man did to Us (to RR)
RE: "Answer to Thomas Lundy...", If We Deny Him, He will also Deny Us (2 Timothy 2)
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MGTOW A Message to Young Men- AVOID Single Mothers (part 1)
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SAVED by Grace, through faith /JUSTIFIED by Faith, along with it's works
I Can See Why Many Christians Will Accept the Mark of the Beast
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Wtom04-- "..For Whom The Blackness of Darkness is Reserved Forever"
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REPENTANCE from The SIN of Unbelief is Required for Salvation
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I Met JESUS-- So PURE AND BEAUTIFUL Like a Brilliant Flawless Diamond
Hope For Celebrities Who Did Not Count the Cost of Siding with Satan
Would You Have Obeyed the Command which God Gave to Adam?
To Wtom04-- The Difference between CARNAL BABES in Christ and Christians HARDENED in UNBELIEF
To Wtom04-- Concerning the Salvation of Faithful and Unfaithful Christians (part 3)
To Wtom04-- Concerning the Salvation of Faithful and Unfaithful Christians (part 2)
To Wtom04-- Concerning the Salvation of Faithful and Unfaithful Christians (part 1)
A Message to KATHRYN HUDSON / Katy Perry
Jesus Christ is the Bread From Heaven which We Feed On
"Resting In The Finished Work of the Cross" (Part 2)
"Resting In the Finished Work of The Cross" (Part 1)
BEWARE of the HYPOCRISY OF LIES in Teaching False Doctrine
If You Have Eternal Life, You Have the HOPE to Put on IMMORTALITY
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What is The ETERNAL LIFE which the Saints Have?
Is it Necessary to REPENT To Be Saved?
The HOLY SPIRIT Warns "DO NOT HARDEN Your Hearts" in Unbelief
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INHERIT SALVATION-- To Eat of the Tree of Life in the Paradise of God (which Adam failed to do)
SAVED -- Now You Have the Same Opportunity that Adam Had
SAVED (from Sin and Death) and INHERITING SALVATION are Two Different Things
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