Thomas Lundy
3 Heart-Types in Christ, 4 Heart-Types in Churches (Imperative to Understand)
The Vine Doesn't Leave the Branches-- The Vinedresser Grafts Them In or Breaks Them Off
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The Most High: Genesis Chapters 18 and 19 (The Man YHWH)
How/Why Jehovah's Witnesses (or All Unitarians) Deny the Son
"Praise to the Most High", Yet You Do Not Believe Him or the Torah
OSAS Doctrine Speaks Against the Spirit (1 Tim. 4:1, Heb. 3:7-18, James 5:19-20)
God's Foreknowledge Does Not Violate the Reality of Our Choices
Understanding.... Is God to Blame? (to Fishbay)
Understanding.... Is God to Blame? INTRO (to FishBay)
Truth for Oneness Pentecostals -- What Does ONE Mean? (part 4)
Truth for Oneness Pentecostals -- God Speaks as "Us" and "We" (part 2)
Truth for Oneness Penecostals-- The Son Created All Things In The Beginning(part 3)
Answering Oneness Pentecostalism
Truth for Oneness Pentecostals -- The Man YHWH (part 1)
If Evolution is Compatible with God, Why Teach Evolution Apart from God?
Answering Some Questions About God's Creation of Man, and Luciferians
Shaming Tactics of the Dishonest (Science, Religion, Social, Politics, Monetary, Education, etc.)
Evolution and Atheism-- Lies The Elite Promote & Finance (part 1)
Evolution and Atheism-- Lies The Elite Promote & Finance (part 2)
Who Controls The World?
Fascinated With Evil
The Bible is Created & Controlled By an Evil Entity? (to EKI; Jordan Maxwell)
Evil Spiritual Entities Teach Willing Men (Jordan Maxwell)
The Reason Christians Succumb to Doctrines of Demons
What Satan Doesn't Want MAN to Know: Destined To Be LIKE GOD
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Why Do People Lie? ...This World is Doomed
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Was Man Created Perfect or Imperfect?
Jesus Christ is from Everlasting, "THE ETERNAL LIFE" (to Jehovah's Witnesses)
PROOF: Jehovah's Witness Leaders; "From Everlasting"
How Jehovah's Witnesses Deny the Son of God as God
The Father is the Only True God, who Created All Things through The Word
JW Bible Shows that Jesus Christ is Jehovah, the Son (to Examine 4yourself)
The Spirit of Antichrist Denies "Echad (One)", Regarding The Father and the Son
Response to Examine 4yourself (part 2) God Has A God?
Response to Examine 4yourself (part 1)
The Believing Never Perish, The Unbelieving Perish (to The Fourth Member...)
Response to the Fourth Member.... Regarding OSAS, Renee Roland, etc
OSAS is Satan's Same LIE To Eve Cleverly Repackaged
The Mediator Between God The Father and Man, is the Word who Became Flesh
A Spiritual Man Is Spirit, and Has Flesh and Bones
MGTOW: Figuring Out How Not to Be Yourself for Her...Can Be Hopeless
MGTOW: Faithful Men are Accused of Cheating by Unfaithful Women
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