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Mental real estate hoes invest in while ultimately doing nothing to get it

Doing what you are supposed to do only sets you up to be judged harder and more frequently by people
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Funny how woman's ego is frail yet they were never delicate towards the male ego

The fact that women act like they are too good to approach proves they are dysfunctional

Women approach other dudes to spite you

Funny how I can't keep a bitch yet their boyfriends are threatened by me

They take so long because they can

Women have less patience for handsome men than they do for their inferior choices

Notice how out of two women the one you don't want always come at you

Man acts based on how women treat him

A patient man is a vitcim

Notice how folks stay trying to 1up you and how it ties to women

She leaves you for inferior men cause she is jealous of you

the more put together she seems draft 2

The more put together she seems draft 1
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Why it's so easy for people to infiltrate through women

Women's ideal relationships are toxic

The difference between the initiative man and woman take

That time I became friends with a hawk
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Dating advice sounds like teaching from bitter old women

Nobody is more loyal than a woman with a boyfriend until you become a boyfriend

What really drives women to make bad decisions and dating decisions

Her Narcissism leads to bad dating choices

Men go though too much but people don't want him to be mad

Never keep your feet on the ground when dealing with these hoes

The real reason women test real men the hardest

Talk about virgin women

Men that's valued now will be highly valued in the future

"She likes the alphas" debunked

Women are programmed to like alphas is a cop out for her bad dating choices

Would I smash bitches you want to smash or the bitch you are smashing?

Women ad the world cheat you part 3

Women and the world cheat you part 2

Women plot your patience but have none

Women and the world cheats you part 1

Fake gay women

Spiritual warfare everywhere part 2

The answer to yo bitch lies in the behavior of a ho

Female comedians are not funny they are just thirsty
Video not yet rescued:
Them mgtow boys lame as shit

Apartments are not that move

Spirtual warfare everywhere

Why chicks love men with girlfriends

Why Adriana Grande got gropped

Deep talk

The only effort women seem to take

Chopping it up again with The Negro Ninja

Folks always want the righteous man to agree

Martial Arts talk with The Negro Ninja

Some martial arts talk

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