The NegroNinja
There can not be too many real niggas
Crusty Niggas Stay Watching People
She will underestimate you but never want you to look at her as a damsel in distress
A main reason why a chick want control when moves forward
A couple of topics
They hate men for being dogs but want go out there and f one. . .
God's people are taught to be sheep instead of lions
Men And Women Act Different In Muscle Cars
I always see my enemies surrounded by their allies but allies seem to be scattered
I forgot what I supposed to cover
I peep why women don't follow up after sexual tension in public
Youtube will copyright just to keep you from getting money
You don't need a rival to become better
Chilling With The NN
A good reason why hobbies are important
Its Okay For Others To Make Mistakes But Not You
Everybody can say what they want till you start talking
How much wisdom do you really gain by being "positive"?
The hatred men get for being men
Don't S*** where you eat seems to apply mostly to men
Some psychology of why women feel they can mistreat real men
Deeper talk on why her perception of you don't matter
Chicks will try to bait you
Never gauge yourself based on how women treat you
The lingering Jezebel
I don't respect men that judge himself by women
If she is friends with skittles then she is no good for you
Whores despise directness and will run anywhere to escape
She will be all over you and don't want you
Only women will spite a man for being sick
I don't trust women that argue with men online
Women are more critical of man's body but you shouldn't judge her's
They don't need to see you to cock block
There must be consequences for a ho's action
A ho must have consequences for her actions
You better have your own while she lives from pillar to post
Men are pressured to blow their cool
Cockblockers actual help us more than they want to
The pussy wants you but folks keep telling it to run
Women love to work because they have help defiling men
Chicks make it a big deal then run when confronted
Chicks act like a big deal is a small deal when you confront them
These chicks will make a big deal then act like it's a small deal when you confront them
You don't have to date her to be in trouble with her
As long as it's a woman I don't care
One chick has them all on watch
Women don't play about little stuff
She didn't seem to care but she was about to beat my ass
Another day another cock block
chicks only suppress when they have any type of authority
Why they age restrict game
Hoes hate when men have options