Best tips to becoming an ass hole.
May 24, 2019
Everyday is progress at something.
Why attractive women are so hard to impress.
Going your own way also means thinking your own way.
One the best sceene s from the 90.s.
Theese are the facts of life.
Women treat men the way McDonald's treats customers.
Why blue pills dont taste good for anybody.
April 13, 2019
Men are not fake.
April 10, 2019
Cops consistently give them selves away when patrolling. Here's how to avoid being pulled.
Adapt and overcome.
Amatuer Bmx practice. April 2019.
Porn is a real thing in real life. No joke. Here's how I know.
Current events.
Men are NOT Scared OF women. Here's what's up.
Insertions and extractions concerning the flesh world.
How to deal with your self when adversaries are close.
Good enough for what?
Impressions are a joke.
No point in going dancing.
Pua is dead. Camoloflage doesn't work on us.
No refunds . A mgtow conversation.
How it is to snow board in purgatory. Real life my version.
Snowboarding is freedom. Helicopters and mgtow.
New mgtow leaders coming up !
Break up sceene.
Thots at your funeral speech. 2019.
Why not go mgtow. Walk away and nobody gets hurt theory.
Mgtow is about responsibility.
Men are toxic!!!! Really?
January 24, 2019
Custom build Christmas 2018 for my daughter. Redline flight. 4 month build.
Mgtow life is awesome. The alternative is pound puppies that dont take training.
anything other than mgtow is like a dating show.
why am I still here. and what lies sound like
tug of war.
this is why people dont have faith In religion.
they cant see it , they cant see the dream. so their trash so treat them like trash.
gen y vs gen x.
why men and women dont co exist.
two hundred seventy letters sent with no response.
the double standard between men and women.
how women act when they want something from you.
who am I to judge?
CBd oil . what's been your experience.
a man going his own way.
you have to learn how to lose before you learn how to win.
my final video. signing off.