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How you know your wife is really dead? (mgtow)
Video not yet rescued:
I never met a Woman who didn't need a rap in the head (mgtow)
Video not yet rescued:
Al Bundy: If I could just help one kid not marry, my job is done! (mgtow)
Video not yet rescued:
Ignore button if you have an ex wife MGTOW
Video not yet rescued:
I'm a divorce lawyer I make people angry for a living (mgtow)
Video not yet rescued:
Jack Reacher Quote: I can't afford you.I'm not a Hooker! Then I REALLY can't afford you (mgtow)
Video not yet rescued:
Women your age are more likely to get mauled at the Zoo than get married (mgtow)
Video not yet rescued:
Jerry vs College Feminists and SJW compilation (mgtow)
Video not yet rescued:
Just say no to love (mgtow)
Video not yet rescued:
Signs that you probably date a gold digger (mgtow)

MGTOW Reminder #22

MGTOW Reminder #21

Even Women in the Wild West have been horrible (mgtow)

The more I know women, the more I like dogs, MGTOW

Dan Soder versus Over-Sexualized Society (mgtow/redpill)

Dan Soder on living with a psycho girlfriend /MGTOW

How The White House Staff Laughed At Hillary Clinton (mgtow)

Women, totally useless in the jungle (mgtow)

TV Host tries to cheer up heartbroken man (mgtow)

No Man Wants To Date A Female Divorce Lawyer (mgtow)

She took the money and everything from me - MGTOW

We suffer alone and we die alone, no matter if husband or father etc /MGTOW

Al Bundys Best Advice For A Son Of Another Dad - MGTOW

Alimony, Palimony It's all financial Love is an Illusion mgtow

Love is a myth,invented by teenagers and the diamond industry (mgtow)

Women are like armies, they try to conquer you (mgtow)

Becker: It doesn't matter if you're divorced, married, dating or dead, (mgtow)

Poor black man says that he lives for two years in a sexless marriage (mgtow)

Asian man reveals to Alien Man how manipulative women are (mgtow)

My older sister joke (mgtow)

When even a young boy can tell when a woman hit the wall :) MGTOW

Can't trust women even when the're dead /MGTOW

Remember when men could actually raise daughters? (mgtow)

Men be careful when you bail a date on a woman, they might come back to get you (mgtow)

When your Bro warns you about asian women who poke holes in condoms, MGTOW

In Real Life There Are No Love Happy Endings //MGTOW India (plus english subtitles)

False Rape Report as 'fun' plot device in movie?? WTF - MGTOW

She is your counterpart, she is evil (mgtow)

Man must pay lots of money to see his son, because the Baby-Mom blocks him - (mgtow)

Woman blackmails man with bombing San Diego - unless he marries her (MGTOW)

Woman; stay away from apartment, my office and from me!! MGTOW

Feminists versus Blue Collar Workers (mgtow)

Professor had enough of bitches in the woods, MGTOW

Pointing out the misandry in media (mgtow)
Video not yet rescued:
Told you, She was no good, like all females MGTOW
Video not yet rescued:
She is riding the Alimony Pony (mgtow)
Video not yet rescued:
Female Landlord tried to Accuse Man of Rape but Fails because Cam /MGTOW
Video not yet rescued:
Erik Griffin VS So called 'Independent Women' /MGTOW
Video not yet rescued:
Haskell Lutz became MGTOW
Video not yet rescued:
I like to be a Bachelor, Gus /MGTOW

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