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If you are a broke ass woman, maybe, just maybe DON'T HAVE CHILDREN (mgtow)
When your aging girlfriend ask you all the time for money (mgtow)
What's worse, the cheating wife or the money loss in divorce? MGTOW
You cant trust a woman, even if they act like a man (mgtow)
Jim Jefferies vs Woman with ESA peacock (mgtow)
Jim Jefferies vs Woman who pretends to be blind to have a dog (mgtow)
Your bro is there for you when the girlfriend kicks you out (mgtow)
Even Female AI Robots Are Evil (mgtow) /subtitles
A Mother apologize to her Son for being so horrible (mgtow)
Mm, I enjoy the bachelor's life too much, MGTOW
Children? No thanks (mgtow)
Some women were put on this earth to lead us straight to Hell ,MGTOW
I'm in the midst of a bitter divorce (mgtow)
GTA5 Cats, the Nemesis of Feminists :)
You are a lying backstabbing psycho bitch /MGTOW
Jim Jefferies vs racist lady who calls cops on blacks /MGTOW
When your girl drugs you to sell your organs on the black market /MGTOW
Forgetting the pill to entrap men, its so easy ... (mgtow) (plus german subtitles)
How you know your wife is really dead? (mgtow)
I never met a Woman who didn't need a rap in the head (mgtow)
Al Bundy: If I could just help one kid not marry, my job is done! (mgtow)
Ignore button if you have an ex wife MGTOW
I'm a divorce lawyer I make people angry for a living (mgtow)
Jack Reacher Quote: I can't afford you.I'm not a Hooker! Then I REALLY can't afford you (mgtow)
Women your age are more likely to get mauled at the Zoo than get married (mgtow)
Jerry vs College Feminists and SJW compilation (mgtow)
Just say no to love (mgtow)
Signs that you probably date a gold digger (mgtow)
MGTOW Reminder #21
Dan Soder versus Over-Sexualized Society (mgtow/redpill)
How The White House Staff Laughed At Hillary Clinton (mgtow)
Women, totally useless in the jungle (mgtow)
TV Host tries to cheer up heartbroken man (mgtow)
Al Bundys Best Advice For A Son Of Another Dad - MGTOW
Alimony, Palimony It's all financial Love is an Illusion mgtow
Love is a myth,invented by teenagers and the diamond industry (mgtow)
Women are like armies, they try to conquer you (mgtow)
Becker: It doesn't matter if you're divorced, married, dating or dead, (mgtow)
Poor black man says that he lives for two years in a sexless marriage (mgtow)
Asian man reveals to Alien Man how manipulative women are (mgtow)
My older sister joke (mgtow)
Can't trust women even when the're dead /MGTOW
Remember when men could actually raise daughters? (mgtow)