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I Was Held Captive by a Deranged Old Pervert (StoryTime)

Getting Old ≠ Fat & Unhealthy

The Predator - Unchained Reviews! (Manila Cheat Day)

Don’t Take Your Lady to SE Asia (Your Daily Rant!)

Alan Moore's WATCHMEN - Review & Analysis!

Shangri-La/Shang Plaza - Manila, Philippines Premium Upscale Mall

Mandaluyong Cheat Day & Your Daily Rant!

Your Daily Rant (Ordering Lazada, News, Free Speech & Neil Diamond!)

Starmall Shopping - Manila, Philippines! (Mandaluyung, Shaw-EDSA)

Buying Furniture in Manila, Philippines! Also Prices & Paying Bills (Mandaluyong)

The Beast of Chicago Book Review (H.H. Holmes Serial Killer)

Manila! Dropping Off Laundry, Train to Shangri-La... Street Walk to SM Megamall for Health Products

Political Correctness ≠ High IQ

Pretending to be a Zombie!!!!! (Everyday Life)

Cheat Day, SM Megamall & Mission Impossible Fallout Review (Manila, Philippines)

Manila Street Walk, Taking the Train, ATM Stop & Going for Groceries at Robinsons (Philippines)

Money or Freedom

Selling a Fantasy vs REAL LIFE

Cost Comparison - Philippines vs Cambo & Thailand

The Meg - Unchained Movie Reviews

Fortress of Solitude is HOOKED UP! (Internet in the Philippines)

Trip to Immigration in Rizal Province, Philippines

Unchained Health & Fitness Regimen

Journey to The Block! Manila, Philippines (World’s 4th Biggest Mall)

My Kind of Town! (Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines)

Reflections on my First Month in the Philippines
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Thank You for the SUPPORT in This Divine Cause!

Fitness Tips on CHEAT DAY in Mandaluyong, Manila Philippines!

Internet Situation in the Philippines & in The Fortress of Solitude (Mandaluyong, Metro Manila)

Installing AirCon in the FORTRESS of SOLITUDE! (Manila, Philippines) 2nd-3rd of July

1st Visa Extension in Rizal, Philippines!

Journey From Mandaluyong to Cainta, Philippines Road Trip! (July 1st)

MeetUp With the Mystery Lady (30 June, Manila Philippines)

Chicks! Expat Adventures Update

Free Speech! (Public vs Private Platforms)... and Expat Backup Channels

MISSION for a New Coffee-Maker! Robinson’s Forum, Manila Philippines

Lowlife Hood Followed Me Up the Elevator From the Street - Expat Adventures Updates

Rent & Utilities for my Studio Apartment in Mandaluyong Manila Philippines! The Fortress of Solitude

Getting Antibiotics at the Pharmacy, Special Shoutouts (Manila Philippines)

DC Heroes Cafe! SM Megamall, Manila Philippines!

Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, DC Heroes & SJW-Disney-Marvel

Constructing the FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE... More SM Light Mall, Edsa & PRICES (Manila Philippines)

Sickboy Checking In From Manila, Philippines (20 June)

Online Dating & Getting Sick Overseas (Manila, Philippines)

Picking Up Medicine & a Trip to 7-11... Expat Life Chat (Manila, Philippines!) 14 June

Tour of SM Light Mall, Prices & How to Take the Train in Mandaluyong - Manila Philippines! (13 June)

Shopping for the New Studio - Groceries, Supplies & Prices in Manila, Philippines! (Robinson’s Mall)

MOVING DAY! Mandaluyong, Manila Philippines! (11 June)

Tour of my New Studio, Shawarma Celebration... and 80 Years of Superman! (Manila, Philippines)

LOCKING DOWN a Condo in Manila... Star Mall & SM Megamall! (Philippines)

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