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Generalisations are not romantic, Exceptions to the rule are

Goodbye male self-loathing

Tired of a grey world

Fighting Fight Club

Sorry, was there a question?

Small victories

Remaining unplugged

(chats) - TFM - perspectives on self actualisation

Maslow's Anchor

Survival of the individual

The menu is not the meal

Avoiding your conscience

Return of the individual

Sith vs Jedi - and who's teaching you the force

Use the tools you have

Pursuing tomorrows happiness

Exchanging 50 for 50

What you love, not what loves you

Men want what's real

No will. No way.

Defending excuses

Sheep in wolf's clothing

Who hurt you?

You love what you invest in

Home is not a holiday

Something about huMAN

"Not all" admits the exception

Feminism is female amplification

I have no faith in women... only convictions

Why aren't invisible men rebuilding society?

You act. She promises to.

(news) - Off the grid

Stay sober

Where is my trophy?

Truth is consistent

There is no re-experience

(chats) - COLTTAINE - her room is empty - ( pt 2 )

(chats) - COLTTAINE - her room is empty - ( pt 1 )

See the forest for the trees

She will never love mathematics

Your false security

She's no celebrity

What do you value?

A meditation on love

Her freedom scam

But... Don't you care?


(news) - Romantic Syndrome

Non reproductively motivated - MGTOW

Equanimity is freedom

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