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Ice Poseidon & EBZ Talk Tommy Sotomayor & Liberal Hypocrisy

ATW - When Weave Becomes More Important Than Your Health Or Anything Else In Life!

Tommy Sotomayor Vs Shawnna Pre1on1 Roast! Edited! (Unedited Link Below)

Tommy Sotomayors Beautiful New Cohost, Should She Stay Or Should She Go??

Pt2 Linda Has To Explain Why The Receipts Dont Match The Accusations Against Tommy Sotomayor

Linda Has To Explain Why The Receipts Dont Match The Accusations Against Tommy Sotomayor Pt 1

ATW - The Most Naturally Built Woman On The Web Vs The Most Attractive Man On The Web! Choose 1!

The Real StepDaddy! Hilarious Video Of Cool Dude Falling Down A Flight Of Stairs!

Bad Build Messican Says She Is Going To Sue Tommy Sotomayor For Doing This Video!

See How Rob Zombies Words & Actions Made Tommy Sotomayor Afraid To Speak To Him LIVE

Tattooed Face Ghetto #HalfADyke Takes Us On A Tour Through Her Hood & Life!

Lightskinned ProBlack Strypper Raps About Whytes Being Jealous of Blks & Losing 250lbs TworkDancin!

ATW: White Mcdonalds Manager Calls Cops On Barack Obamas Son Because His Pants Were Saggin!

She A Tattatooed, Ratchet, BT-1100 But Tommy Sotomayor Couldnt Resist Her PhattyCakes!

Cali Commentary: Can Rain Stop Two MBrothers From Squabbin? LOL

DEAR WHITE PEOPLE! Are You Willing To Say To Luenell What I Was Too Afraid To?

Tommy Sotomayor Has A 2k Bounty On Him In LA 1

Tommy Sotomayor Trapped In A Hurricane Live

Post Luenell Debate With Tommy Sotomayor%21 1

Jennifer At LAX Overjoyed To Meet Her Fav Youtuber Tommy Sotomayor!

Jennifer At LAX Overjoyed To Meet Her Fav Youtuber Tommy Sotomayor!

Late Nite Talking About Nothing But Jonin On A Canadian And More!

My Fur Baby Cant Sleep In Her New Home Until

Wendys 4 For 4 Menu Is The Greatest Invention In Fast Food

Wakandan Queens Grieving After Allowing Infant To Dr0wn In Basement Flooded With SewerWater

Wakandan Mom & Friend Arrested After Letting Infant Dr0wn In Sewerwater Underneath Detroit Home

New Conference, 3 Year Old Houston Boy Baked In Daycare Van, Father Finds Body!

UPDATE Mom Who Baked Child In Hot Car While Getting Her Weave Did Gets 15 Year In Prison!

YouTuber Tells Tommy Sotomayor If he Wears a Wig, Lipstick & Dances 4 Him He Will Leave Him Alone!

Tommy Sotomayor With His Blk Girlfirends Having Hilarious Convo At Gordon Ramseys 4 Dinner

Open Conversation With Tommy Sotomayor! Call In 213-943-3362

Pt 2 Open Conversation With Tommy Sotomayor! Call In 213-943-3362

Tommy Sotomayor Is Live Tonite... Call In.. Link For New Channel In Description Box


Can You Turn A Hoe Into A Housewife? Rapper Goddess Joins Tommy Sotomayor Live

Tommy & Goddess Answer Calls On If You Can Actually Turn A #HoeIntoAHousewife!

Tommy Sotomayor Tries To Explain The Behavior Of His #1 Fan To Female Rapper Goddess

Demarcus Cousins Signs With The GS Warriors! Is This Good Or Bad For The NBA? LIVE

Watch As 14 Year Old Obeast Teen Gets Manhandled By Police! Blks Upset But Was This Justified?

8 Year Old Boy Being Praised For Being A Drag Queen, Do You Think This Is OK Or Wrong?

Tommy Sotomayor Goes Desert Mountain Hiking In 100 Degree Arizona Weather w/ Snow People!

Tommy Sotomayor Analyzes & Breaksdown XXXTentacion Last Video SAD! LIVE

Tommy Sotomayors Hilarious Reaction To Finding Out Dave Rubin Is Gayyyyyy!

Tommy Sotomayor Joins SPACEX Live Launch Of Falcon 9 CRS-15 Mission To The ISS

Tommy Sotomayor Answers All Audience Questions LIVE!

The Young Turks Go In On Dave Rubin & Tommy Sotomayor Gives His Take!

#WhiteFaceless YouTuber Forces Tommy Sotomayor To Explain Him Selling YouTube Subscriptions LIVE

Everything You Need To Know About The Lame Who Mvrdered Rapper XXXTentacion LIVE

100 Proof As To Why I Feel That Wakandan Queens Make The #WorstMothers On Earth #SchoolBusBrawl

Wakandan Catches His Hair Hatted Baby Momma SellinTail To Her CromagSugarDad At Red Lobster!

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