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October 1 2018
September 30, 2018 a date which will live in infamy
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Sunday September 30 2018
You are the maker of Queens
September 27, 2018
Bill Cosby: Wake Up Call for Black Men. Addressing Faith Jones
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Red Strip on the Bologna
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Re George Mason Address the killing of Botham Jean
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Tuesday September 18 2018
Omarosa vs Clay Cane
Miss me with the UNITY Talk.
I support Supasly75 (TheADVISESHOWTV = Intelligently dishonest) MGTOW/MRA
What happen.
CYNTHIA G Stop Complaining If You Are Not Prepared To Act
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September 11, 2018 ........ 17 years later
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Saturday 8 2018
Pregnant Black Woman saved by OG from crazy man
11 year old tased by Cincinnati Police
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South Africa Land Dispute