Friday August 24 : Morning show
Colorism: Male Shaming Tactic (Response to Chrissie)
Why my name is in your mouth?
Aint no fool like an old fool #HOTRAG
Market Place Value & Hypergamy. ( YES I was DRINKING during this)
Vengeance is BigJ's
August 17 Morning show
Re: Your Race Identity Is Arbitrary (Weebo Jones)
Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul (1942- 2018)
Black Male Image is Everything ??
Donald Trump vs Omarosa: Commentary
American Psychiatric Association: Pedophilia Proposal
Why Black Issues Aren't Trending ???
BIGJXXX vs Donald Trump
Addressing Dug and other Black MEN ( GYNOCENTRISM is the PROBLEM, not BW )
Alex Jones & Willie D vs. Google/Youtube. (Rant)
TEDx promotes Pedophilia
Cynthia G moving the Goal Post.
Fukushima & Pykrete
Re: D@mn White People (Weebo Jones)
Questioning Anthony Brian Logan on police brutality and racism.
Cerulean Grey's subversion in The Carlton Banks Paradox.
The Black Tax: Food Service Industry
What is the Black Tax?
The Clean Slate Law & Criminal Justice Reform ( Jordan A Harris )
Straight Men are the Blame for Fewer Female Orgasms