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The Ammity vill murder's . do you think demons were envolved ? Before Halloween special

Vlog Thought . The Narcissist IE Narcopath is literally bullshit incarnate attracting Flies

The Human stuck in the Narcissist IE Narcopath monster's Nightmare on E15st part 2

The Human stuck with narcissist IE Narcopath monster's in the nightmare on E15st

61st Precinct Brooklyn NYPD . Jean Martino Apologized to me . still trying to conspire with George

61st Precinct Brooklyn NYPD . Jean Martino's admittance that I did no wrong . She apologized

61st Precinct Brooklyn NYPD. Talking to George Rapp about it in the front yard . confession much

61st precinct Brooklyn NYPD . Jean Martino trying to get George Rapp to lie for her

61st precinct Brooklyn NYPD . Jean martino false accusations harassment and assaulting me part 2

61st Precinct of Brooklyn NYPD . Jean Martino abuses me with false accusation and assault

Using a Mad Tv clip to explain the narcissists tough guy bully tactics and con game . they are BS

Why law enforcement and the Justice system does nothing about the narcissist torturing you to death

Cluster B Anti Social Personality disorder con artist corruption in NYPD and Law Eforcement pt2

Cluster B Anti Social personality disorder con artist abuse of power in NYPD and Law enforcement pt1

If this does not scream NYPD and other having Cluster B and Anti Social personality disorders . WTF

The Narcopath sociopath psychopath one way or another is a suply addicted loser in it's false self

Malignant Narcopath Vincent Curatola covert racism . Chocolate bars meaning black people Description

Malignant Narcopath Vincent Curatola phone bullying his Ex Wife Land Lady while financial abusing

They NYC Vampire WereWolf community . I've been moved on for year's . whats your narcissist excuse

Disordered peope like narcissists psychopaths and sociopaths seek higher powered postions . pt2

Because of narcissists psychopaths and sociopaths . inmates and convicts who are not one should

Malignant narcissist outside the gate listening to my phone conversation as usual

The reckless traits and problem's of CPTSD or PTSD that can be your downfall if you don't get help

Meet my big skull moth friend Harry . 😊

Dear 61st Precinct of Brooklyn NYPD . I really must eat crow and apologize for my error's

If he is that terrible and she don't want anything to do with him . WTF is this BS ? I got played

Original Dino Bot Transformer Grimlock 80's 90's toy's

The very first Sound Wave Tape Decepticon's ever made 80's 90's toy's

Dear Narcissist Femi Nazi hypocrite CEO of YouTube and flying monkey Staff . Yeah . I am pissed

The Narcissist Psychopath Sociopath teaches you three roads in life . which will you walk ?

Andrew Quomo's personality disordered political Femi Nazi blue pill BS . it kind of pissed me off

THOT is a generic ebonic form of it's original TWOT .

Women on a close and personal level are a worthless burden and liability

Male narcissists who target Isolate and use homophobic slurs against men are bitter closet homo's

SJW Leftist Liberal Commy Scum promoting discrimination Establishment's . fine by me . here is why

MGTOW . Growing more then ever before for many reason's . not taking a bitch society's shit

Don't feel bad about using the narcissists weaknesses against them . Their not geniune anyway

The narcissists Female psychopath or sociopaths apology is Bull Crap

Just like the narcissists Psychopaths . the Flying monkey teach you allot when you observe them

Malignant Narcissist Vincent curatola bullshits all the time about being Italian Mafia . poser much

Kult narcissists won't touch you out of fear that acting has consequences of exposure

The Commy Nazi hibreed bullshit going on in Democrat Liberal Communist Nazi tactic state's

When the psychopath narcissist I am forced to live with dies or is on it's death bed

Important for young people in school to study narcissism and psychopathy 2 . It'll save your life

Important For you young people out there in school . study hard about narcissists and psycopathy .

The Narcissist Hegelian Dialect . Problem Reaction Solution

One deadly flaw against a narcissist is their deadly dangerous entitlement issue's

It's not the loud overt Narcissist you have to really worry about . It's the quiet one's

Another rant about the Baby boomer diarhia Millennial shit generation of narcissistic cluster FUCK's

More thought's on the narcissistic baby boomer diarrhea generation that raised shit millennial brats

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