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August 11th

Black Celebrity Image
Video not yet rescued:
Kevin Samuels:: Black Celebrity Image (Russell Wilson)

Russell and Ciara

You don't know the REAL Russell Wilson dudewat212

Black Identity Extremist (BIE) in New Mexico?

Mark Cuban and the Airforce Talk about AI

Chicago Weekend Shootings

Russell an Ciara are in the same class

August 4th

Jason Black Goes in On the Sisterhood of Failure

Mr and Mrs Quad B Dropping Knowledge

Jason Black -Cyn G Dust up (Ramble)

Feminism Betrayed Black Women from the Beginning

The High Cost of Medical Billing
Video not yet rescued:
20,000 Subs (Yey BOY!!!)

July 28th Pt 2

July 28th

The Socialization Process 101: Anybody's Son Will Do (1983)

Kendra D: Through The Eyes of White Folk

Opioid addiction is plateauing

No Lawrence in Insecure Season 3

Opioid Kids

Our Childless Future?

The Curse of Common Core Education

The Ashy Bloke Challenge

To The Ashy Bloke Babatunde: My response

July 21st

Young Grizzly: Community Ensure a positive outcome

For BQ: Wish That Love Was Magic by Street Corner Symphony

Consevative day 2

Challenge Day for Conservatives

Trump is set to separate more than 200,000 U.S.-born children from their parents

Limey PLEASE!!! (Sit yo AZZ Down)

State Capitol of Black Boy Suspensions

Whites in Decline

Will the UBI come to Chicago???

Richard Martin: Is America a Failed State?

Mid July

Cerulian Grey: C##N SLAYERS

Black Unemployment in America

Answering Obsidian On E Franklin Frazier


An Inter Racial divorce Myth Busted(#Barbie)

Cerulean Grey: The American Plutocracy

Kendra D : Leveraging White Supremacy

Why Are Black Women Not Married?

Hotter Than July

Frazier on the Black Matriarchy (Gynocracy)

I'm Your Huckleberry Tombstone (Me vs the Liberator)...LMAO

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