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Alex Jones Ban, was it justified?

3 MILLION dollar food scanner: BUSTED!

Men Made these Machines!

Brexit: the Disaster Movie!

Why nerve gas really isnt as deadly as you think!

‘Self-Filling Water Bottle’ Anatomy of a scam-starter FAIL!

Why Do People Laugh at Creationist (Part 47) -TOO finely tuned!

Ice vs Dry Ice.... which cools your drink better?

Why NASAs Martian Helicopter CANT fly on Earth!

NASA is sending Helicopter to Mars!! Smart or Silly?

Anita Sarkeesian gets $25000 to set up a FREE discord server!

Zero Mass Water -BUSTED!

Elon Musk promises $1 rides in LA transit tunnels: BUSTED!

Why it's impossible to make Anti-lead bullets??

How dangerous are antimatter bullets?

2.5 MILLION dollars of GOLD! -Ridiculously expensive ways to kill a jerk!!

What happens when you heat Platinum over 1000 degrees Celsius?

Hyperloop groupies hit PEAK stupidity!

Hyperloop: HALF THE SPEED OF SOUND... or shredded metal?

FOUR HOURS till the end of the world....

Can you dodge Space Lasers ?

Video Games CAUSE violence: 2014 Vs 2018

Why is a kettle louder BEFORE it boils?

How a mere 16 tons of bombs changed WW2! - The Doolittle Raid

Kilroy, -$85000 'Free Speech' Fail-fest!

Trilobites: the creature that looked on the world through STONE eyes!

Solar Roadways accuse me of LYING!!!

Solar Roadways caught CHEATING, AND Chinas Solar Road STOLEN!

Who's killing who, by race and gender, FBI statistics.

Solar roadways, NEVER shovel snow agai... oh

Of Kraut and Tea and the Alt-Right


DrawCuriousity threatens copyright claim over TENS SECONDS of video!

What is a Dichroic Cube?

New 'Perfect' Battery: BUSTED

Hot Sexy electronica- Positive GUARANTEED attraction!

'NAKED' eye.... too sexy for youtube advertisers?

Seeing Electrons with the Naked Eye!

Why do people laugh at creationists (Part 46) DOOMSDAY PART 2!!!

Bloomberg and TYT: AMAZING journalism!

How to blow $120 MILLION DOLLARS in one year!

Why do people laugh at creationists (Part 45) DOOMSDAY!!!

Potatoes PROVE God -EPIC Creationist FAIL!

BFR -Earth to Earth: BUSTED!

200mph Hyperloop.... BUSTED!

Thunderf00t at the 12 million dollar HYPERLOOP!

Denies Climate Change: house DESTROYED by hurricane!

Airport security found my Uranium.......



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