Heart Donor
SNES Classic!
Bout to quit drinking
I will never go in a mall again...
I’m far from perfect
LoZ part 2 BoTW!
Playing BoTW The Legend of Zelda!
Why sex is the last thing on my mind
Smile usually helps!
Game boy Watch!
Officially a Monk
It’s only going to get worse
Playing some resident evil
No longer giving money away
Heart Donor shirt!
True Love
The ones that are hardest to love are the ones that need it most!
50 push ups
Ignoring the opposite sex
Mgtow slight freestyle
Mgtow isn't dying out 2017 Response to Steve Hoca
Cheater again in RE5 effortlessly​ does everything
A cheater in RE5 helped me
Proverbs 18:24
Silver update!
Response to Demcad biggest mistake in life
Update with Heart Donor!
Got my Nintendo Switch!
Another 50 push ups! 100 complete!
60 push ups for shining light!
Another 50 push ups! 100 accomplished!
March 1st 50 push ups!
Another 50! 100 push ups complete!
Self improvement chat
Another 50 push ups straight!
Update with Heart Donor!
45 push ups straight 50 fail! Lol
Nowadays music is getting worst
Update on how I'm doing 1 week no fap!
Ppl don't want any thing to do with you unless it involves themselves
Lack of getting love
Women aren't going anywhere
Dispensing Love
Response to staying sane amid the insanity
Hard to show love
Living with a broken nose
I messed up but I'm starting over again... No fap challenge..
No fap day 8
Day 4 no fap!
Day 3 no fap!
Going on day 2 no fap/speaking on life
Day 1 no fap 365 day mission