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Acting, charm, drama, lying, malleability, & stability

The fate of "Adventure Time" ≈ Humanity's fate

Cultural/Psychological Pegging of Men

The Future is Female (aka Genocide)

Why ppl now use dating services

Addendum to "Want U Back" vid (types of possessiveness)

Cher Lloyd's "Want U Back"



Awesome subscriber, please identify yourself

Cigarettes and other things

Two halves, one whole

Taking a red pill

Terrifyingly sophisticated propaganda in "Legion"

"I didn't mean it"

Money Violates Human Rights

Response to "Rose Blades"

RE: "Is MGTOW A Psy Op?"

Don't be friends with women

It Takes Two

Beauty, Morality, and Society
Video not yet rescued:
Female Sadism is Eugenic

Egalitarianism Does Not Work

Promiscuity, Technology, and Attention Spans

Comments and my responses
Video not yet rescued:
Possession of women

Women Like Men Telling Them What To Do

It used to be a joke Chappelle Show "Love Contract"

MGTOW, incels, women, and PR

Women Grab The Easiest Power

Humility & Arrogance (in Women & Men)

Withholding Creativity

Stories from Whisper (bad female behavior, etc.)

Miscellany (a video about several different topics)

Sex, boredom, and male camaraderie

Response to "Black Pill Overdose"

Incels are better than MGTOW men

Women diversify the gene pool (cheating)

Why modern women like gentle guys

Kids learning 7 languages is good, not bad

The Future

Comment reveals female nature (I rebut it)

CDAN blinds about female nature (Part 2)

male cowardice = the future being female

MGTOW = anarcho capitalism

Women Need Men In Order To Be Moral

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