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Styx made me think about Nationalist & Right of Center future
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Eugene Music Store.

Illuminati on my mind, yes, we're being fucked with, sort of....
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Greater Americana-Spinning Tunes on a hot Sunday night August 12th
Video not yet rescued:
And MORE TUNES-Greater Americana-8/11/18
Video not yet rescued:
It Is Time For Music-Off Work Early-Greater Americana!
Video not yet rescued:
More Music-Greater Americana-A MGTOW and his musical collection-Saturday August 11,2018

Thoughts Above #MGTOW As A Permanent Cultural Phenomenon

@HouseGOP @SenateGOP @RandPaul @dbongino @TheQuartering

Grams, Ounces, eventually become Kilos!

A Bit of Physical Culture... listening to Hard Bastard...

Remember how @RealAlexJones did everything RIGHT?! Eh, #Liberals?

A Reading - The Mystery of Fascism - David Ramsay Steele

#ElizabethHeng #BaiZuo & the Cuba that never was....

#Jeong @nytimes and #Antifa in #Portland, their souls exposed.

A Reading : Dezinformatziya-Disinformation-The Soviet Method of Combat

#Africa #Obama and Blood For Phones, #Tantalum #WalkAway #problacks

#tradewar thoughts, rambling about central planning, #CurrencyWar thoughts & #WalkAway

Full Employment, Progress, Workers United... remember those days?

BEHOLD A DICTATOR! The #Fascist Dream-The #NewDeal-thx @thomhartmann

A Reading - From The First Treatise On The Oneness of Heaven

Social Justice "Customer Satisfaction Survey", Unsellable Lack of Game #Resistance

Fallout 2018 Mod AltRight Griefrbro vs. Liteweight REEhoes!

Democratic Socialists of America, oh, this bullshit again?!

An Apology for missing the debate. Arcion and audience.

Ice Cold #civilwar.... Thoughts, thx Colin.

The Anti-Trumpers and 'Black' Magic Thinking

#Democrats & #RINO Weirdos, Salting GAME! Squat Like Slav....

#Putin and His Statement About The @ClintonFdn

@angryaussie made me think about #TrumpSlide2020 & episteme

Credit To Whom It is Due-#Resistance, #GeorgeWebb & #TheConclave

TRUMP! Winnah and steeel champeen! Pay up or stroll hoes!

A Reading - Americans, ostentatious, desirous & lacking in thrift....

A Thought About Life-Holiness Unto The Lord

#WalkAway from #AbolishICE #Resistance , They're Low IQ Dupes

California AB 1810-Thread reading! Mental Illness License To Kill!

Thoughts on the Obrador AMLO, election....

Red Pill Shark, Thanks, On Portland, Wheeler and Outlaw.

Portland @DHSGOV and The #Democratic #Socialists Armed Wing Attack #Christians

From Gershwin to The Goldbergs, When Jews Became White

Democrats, Liberals and Feminists, You've Underestimated #Deplorables

Credit Where It's Due, Freemasons, Thanks Gents.

Trumpjitsu..... it's a long game, gotta keep squeezing!

#AbolishICE campaign? Thumbs Up To The Dutiful....

@Semiogogue Pride, can get an old man hurt, right?

NOW! Strike Hard, SWEEP THE LEG!

Janus Decision by SCOTUS, Those links you asked for....

A Reading! The Price of #Feminism by Mona Charen

Reading Two Threads On Trump Plan & Immigration Invasion!

Donovan's Public House:Caribbean Afro Jazz Cultural Appropriation Bacchanal Special!

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