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The Frontier, Radical Democracy, Debt, Competing Empires: Challenges for the U.S. Founders

Exploring Stone Town, Zanzibar (Part of Tanzania)

Humans Are Maladapted To Earth. We're Not Apes | Time Is Relative | Extraterrestrials

The Study of Western History & Culture Should NOT Be Limited to the Secular

An Animal Is Neither a Friend Nor a Family Member Nor an Object of Entertainment

I Confronted the Black People Having a NEVER-ENDING Party Across My Street

Holistic Medicine Beats Canadian Health Care Any Day

Simply Being Old Does Not Confer Holiness

Christianity & Witchcraft in Ghana: My Experience

Do We Really Create Our Own Reality? The Danger of "New Age" Spirituality

Exploring Fort York National Historic Site, Toronto

My Grandpa Believes in Love & Marriage. I Do Not.

Information Addiction: My Thoughts on the Internet, Being a Content Creator, Books & Music

Everything Lit Up But There Were No Colors...a Strange Story

Only Risk Gets You More From Life (Financial & Spiritual)

Don't Kill Yourself, Even If Earth Is Hell

Exploring Ghana: HUGE Waterfall and BATS! Thousands of bats!

Energy Suckers: Don't Be Fooled By Their Words

My Two UFO Stories + Thoughts on UFOs

My Grandpa Doesn't Understand the Concept of Hanging Out with Friends

Why Were the Giza Pyramids Really Built?
Video not yet rescued:
15 UFOs Appeared in My Video on June 21, 2018. Here's the Film.

Superficial People Shun the True Source of Life...Various Examples

Only a Clear Conscience Will Save Your Soul, Not Good Works

Exploring the Beautiful, Dangerous Cliffs of the Bruce Peninsula, Getting Temporarily Lost

No Awareness of God in Postmodern Architecture

Building a Nice House in Ghana - From Start to Finish

Intuition and the Uncanny

Exploring High Park at Night, Old Colborne Lodge, Lonely Howard Tomb

If You Have the Truth, Why Insult People You Disagree With?

I Now Have a Second YouTube Channel: Politics, Culture, Business, etc.

Who Are Bad Mind People? How Do You Protect Yourself?

Gnostic Christianity, the Demiurge, Freemasonry, Psychedelics

Robert and I Discuss Empty Space, Mental Energy and the Origin of Creation

I'm Going to Narrow the Focus of this Channel a Bit

How Did the British Empire Get So Big? What Ended It?

Canada Was Created By White Pioneers/Settlers, Not Diverse Immigrants

Dating is Dumb: Men Jump Through Hoops for Uncertain Rewards - MGTOW

Generation X and their Kick Ass Music

Homeless People Camp in Some Creepy Places...

I Got Angry and Smashed Something - 4 Stories

White Nationalists Are Making a Mistake By Accepting Women...MGTOW

You Can Have Globalization Without Globalism

University Courses Are Like YouTube Videos

How Has Global Trade Liberalization Changed Western Countries Since 1990?

I Debunk the "Report" that More Women in the Workforce Will Boost Canada's GDP $150 billion

Drink SJW Tears? Then Vomit?

Like It Or Not, Everyone Discriminates

Basic Facts About Marriage - MGTOW

Masked Idiots Smash Storefronts in Hamilton, Ontario

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