War Horse
My Toxic Take on P&G Gillette
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Alcohol Apple Pie Drink Recipe
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Short Ride Video to Voting Place
Well Pump Pressure Switch Points Bounce Fixed
Domestic Abuse Article about Men (Fireside Chat)
Friday Fireside, Phone and ISP company
Remote Control Strump Grinding, very cool machine
Sunday Morning Firside Chat/ Rant
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Hurricane Michael
AC Repair Done
Doing Business in the Current Year
Still Alive and Well
Happy 4th of July
A MGTOW Aftershave Idea
I'm winding it down
This is Getting Childish
Fastaire Windshield PSA, and some Ramblings
Update and a Venue Change Notice
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Lowes, Skyline Gazebo Review
New Family of Cranes for 2018
Cutting Styrofoam, Making a Concrete Bonsai Pot, Part 1
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Bike stories 2
Biker Stories from back in the day
Trip to California, Part 2
Bike Trip to California in 1978, Part 1
More Camcorder Audio Woes, and a pre amble to the next 2 videos.
Cheap FHD Camera and Olympus Unidirrectional Mic
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Florida Dandeloins
MGTOW- My Take on Money and Retirement
Trial at Soundproofing
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