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The Purple Pill
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How Purple Pillers are like MGTOW's
Video not yet rescued:
Navigating the Matrix #22: Red Pill Revelations (w/Special Guest)

The Purple Pillcast #Eleventy-three: Cuck the Stoppery

Navigating the Matrix #21: What does it mean to "be a man"?

The Purple Pillcast #25: King of Kings, Cuck of Cucks

Navigating the Matrix #20: A Purple Piller's Purpose


Navigating the Matrix #19: Drama Edition

CUCKBUSTERS - Cuck Eli LIES and SLANDERS the Purple Pill

Impromptu Purple Pillcast: Slander and Lies - The Cuck Eli Saga Continues

The Cuckbuster Returns: Cuck Eli Can't Stay Away!!!

The Purple Pillcast #16236: The Night Before the End of the World

Navigating the Matrix #18: Questions for the Red Pill - Cuckbusters ASSEMBLE!!!

Miracle Stream (Reupload): Eli Gets Schooled [ABRIDGED]

The Purple Pillcast #666: The Evil One Strikes Back


Navigating the Matrix #17: CFG VS. COACH ELI!!! BLOODMATCH!!!

The Purple Pillcast #3374: What's a Poople Pill? Crapple Pill?

Who the Purple Pill is for... And ISN'T for

Marcel Harding is a Wonderful Man #IAmAnArtist #IAmACreator

Navigating the Matrix #16: POF Dating Profiles!

The Purple Pillcast #16: Simulacrum

Female Dominance Instinct and Effects on Male Nature

Jealous Exes and When It's Time to Move On

Where has the Purple Pill been?

Navigating the Matrix #15: The Married Red Pill Man

POF Girls LIVE! - Are There Any Dateable Women in Florida???
Video not yet rescued:
Navigating the Matrix #14 (Feat. Coach Eli!)
Video not yet rescued:
Playing Mario Kart and Stuff
Video not yet rescued:
Making Fun of Things - The Purple Pill (feat. JP and Toronto Guy)
Video not yet rescued:
Navigating the Matrix #13: Online Dating
Video not yet rescued:
Community Guidelines Strike and Other Stuff
Video not yet rescued:
Why Purple Pill isn't "Sitting on the Fence" - Purple Pill and MGTOW

Drankin on a Shaterday Marnin (like in an hour, shut up)

What's Eli up to today?

Zia Sun Needs a Hug

Navigating the Matrix #12: Finances in a Purple Pill World

You wanna see a Cuckbusters Mug?

Drama in the Manosphere

Eli Ranting part 1 - Joe Budee Mirror

4 Ways Purple Pill Men (Millennials) are Screwed Today (and What to Do About it)

Navigating the Matrix #11: Can MGTOW's Go Purple Pill?

KGTOW - Kitties Going Their Own Way

Purpletows Talking - Drama-Free Stream - The #Purpocalypse Starts

My Momma always said Purple Pill is as Purple Pill does

Promo for Navigating the Matrix

The Differences between "Woke Thugs" and True Intellectuals

The Purple Pillcast #13: Let's Drink, Draw and Talk Sh*t

Don't Date Single Moms (If You Can Help It) - Mother's Day

The Purple Pill Disavows Wolfeus MGTOW

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